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How does your home stack up? let us help.

How are the outlets? How is the circuit panel?  How are the wires run?

How are the pipes? Copper..PeX..

How are the joints? How are the vent stacks?  Is a tree on top of the sewer line?


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How does the boiler or furnace look?... dirty , rusty noisy

Does the home have a cold air return in the lower level... is it big enough?

        detailed reports with photos

We do a none invasive look at the home and grounds.

We spend about 3 to 4 hours looking at your home and grounds.

We apply our experience to determine why something went wrong and provide solutions.

Our hands on experience, and city Truth In Housing experience allows us to analyze  deficiencies  and proper repairs and maintanance.


All American Building Inspections

More Than just quick look

If you want a quote and advice, contact us.

How is the roof? How is the drainage? How is the siding?

How are the interior walls and doors?